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Tea Palace Restaurant,London,England

You can't actually sit in and have a cup of tea at the Tea Palace in Covent Garden but for anyone who is obsessive about their brewed leaves this shop is a must-see. From Hand Tied Jasmine Snowdragon Spirals and Dragon Phoenix Pearls to Ceylon Ratnapurna and Lemon Shimmer, there are over 148 different types of tea on offer. Beautifully packaged in purple tea caddies, they've even created a special Covent Garden Blend, from Chinese Yunnan, organic peppermint and cobalt blue cornflowers, to celebrate the shop's opening. They may look rather posh but there's a blend designed to suit every palate - they even do a (but don't ask for it too loudly) Builder's Brew for those whose tastebuds need a firmer prod. A destination shopping experience for true tea fans everywhere.

Address: 12 Covent Garden Market, 
           London WC2E 8RF
Phone: 020 7836 6997

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