Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

Water operators Contact Details

Thames Water

Contact Details
Thames Water Utilities Ltd
PO Box 286
SN38 2RA

Contact Information
Bill or Account Enquiries0845 9200 888
Water Supply or Wastewater Services0845 9200 800
Minicom0845 7200 898/9
Leakline0800 714 614
Customer services are open from 8am – 7pm on Monday to Friday and 8am – 1pm on Saturday.

General Information
Thames Water is the largest UK water company, covering an area of 5000sq miles across London and the Thames Valley. 8 million people are supplied drinking water from 20,000 miles of water mains treated at 100 water treatment works.

Sewerage services are also provided to 13 million people in the Thames Water area with a network of 351 sewerage treatment works and 40,000 miles of sewers.

Water and Sewerage company
99.91% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 complied with water supply regulations.
Customer Services
Thames Water are committed to providing a high level of service to it’s customers. They have a policy to ensure appointments are met, complaints and billing enquiries are dealt with and that customers are informed properly about any interruptions or supply problems. Compensation is offered if they fail to meet certain standards.

Special Services
Watercare service for the elderly and disabled includes:

Minicom, fax, typetalk and sign language.
Large print and Braille bills and literature available.
Talking bill service – telephone before bill is sent to give details.
Bills emailed to customers using Screen Reading Software.
Nominated friend or family member to deal with your bill.
Registration system for people needing priority notification of supply interruption and extra support during emergencies. (eg Dialysis patients)

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