Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

Water operators Contact Details

Dwr Cymru Cyfyncedig (Welsh Water)

Contact Details
Dwr Cymru Cyfyncedig (Welsh Water)
Pentwyn Road
Mid Glamorgan
CF46 6LY

Contact Information
Head office0144 345 2300
Customer services0800 052 0140
Billing and account queries0800 052 0145
Water meter enquiries0800 052 0140
Leakline0800 281 432
Water services0800 052 0130
Sewerage services0800 085 3968
Bogus caller0800 281 141
Minicom text0800 052 4125
Publications0800 052 0138
Welsh language line0800 052 6058
Education0800 052 0139

General Information
Welsh Water is the 6th largest water company in England and Wales and provides water supply and sewerage services to over three million people in Wales and some of its adjoining areas. 1.2 million household customers and over 110,000 business customers are supplied by Welsh Water.

In the relatively wet area that Welsh Water covers, they abstract 5% of annual rainfall to supply on average about 900 million litres of water a day. To do this, they operate 84 impounding reservoirs, 740 service reservoirs, 106 water treatment works and pump water through a network of 26,800km of water mains.

Welsh Water also have a network of 17,600Km of sewers bringing the waste water to 850 water treatment works along the coast of Wales and alongside rivers.

Welsh Water supply both water and sewerage services.
Water hardness varies in this area from soft to moderately hard. Welsh Water can give you more details.
Water quality is continually tested and in 2003 99.85% of tests complied with regulations.
Customer Services
Level of Service

Last year over 1.2 million telephone contacts from customers were taken. Over 80% of these were billing enquiries and we answered 98% of all calls within 30 seconds.

Special Service Offered:
Maintain a register of customers with special needs, such as dialysis patients, giving priority in event of a problem with water supply.
Customer call centre has a minicom telephone system to help customers who are hard of hearing.
Main publications available on audiotape.
Bill is available in large print or in Braille.
Password scheme, a bogus caller hotline and a customer nominee system to help protect elderly and vulnerable.

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