Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

Water operators Contact Details

Contact Details
Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water Plc
George Jessel House
Francis Avenue
BH11 8NX

Contact Information
Customer Services01202 590059
Facsimile01202 597022
Business Phone Line01202 591111
Freephone Leakline0800 587 8979
Automated payment service0800 389 5110
24hr Emergency Contact01202 590059

General Information
Bournemouth Water and West Hampshire Water were originally established as separate companies way back in 1863 and 1893 and merged into a new joint company in July 1994.

They supply an area of 1,041km which includes Bournemouth, Alderney Wimbourne, Ringwood and the New Forest Area. Over 420,000 people are supplied by Bournemouth and West Hampshire water by 2745 km of water mains. 191,000 households are supplied in this area and on average 165 million litres of water are output each day.

Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water is a water only company, sewerage services are supplied by separate companies depending on where you live so you will receive two bills.
The water in this area is classified as moderately hard.
99.8% of water tests carried out in 2003 complied with water quality regulations.
Company Services
Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water has its own Codes of Practice and Domestic Customer Charter, which outlines a certain level of service that you can expect from them. If these levels of service are not met then compensation is offered.

They offer WaterCare service where vulnerable customers can register for specific services or assistance. Services include:

Visits to inform visually impaired customers of interruption to supply.
Special arrangements for those with medical conditions who rely on a constant water supply.
Large print, braille bills and bills read over the telephone or sent to a relative or friend.
Minicom service for those with speech or hearing difficulties.
Help reading your meter where required.

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