Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

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Cholderton and District Water

Contact Details
Estate Office

Contact Information
Head Office0198 0629 203
Fax0198 0629 307

General Information
Cholderton and District Water supply almost 1 million litres of water per day to 2,100 customers throughout the villages of Villages of Cholderton and Shipton Bellinger in Wiltshire. Cholderton and District water have 1 treatment plant and 1 service reservoir and over 44 KM of mains through which the water is supplied.

Cholderton and District Water is a water only company.
The water supplied by Cholderton and District Water is classed as hard to very hard.
Cholderton and District Water Company Limited carried out 605 tests on samples taken in 2003. 99.83% of these tests complied with the Regulations set by OFWAT.

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