Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

Water operators Contact Details

Essex and Suffolk Water

Contact Details
Hall Street
Essex CM2 0HH

Contact Information
Telephone01245 491 234
Fax01245 212 345
Water Services0845 782 0999
Billing Enquiries0845 782 0111
Minicom0845 723 1254.

General Information
Essex and Suffolk Water is part of the Northumbrian Water Group, established after a merge in 2000. They supply water to 1.7 million people in the Essex, south Norfolk and north Suffolk area with 95% of water taken from the regions rivers and reservoirs.
8,441km of water mains supply the local population with water from 25 water treatment plants and 110 service reservoirs.
Water only company. Sewerage is supplied by either Anglian or Thames Water.
Water in this area is hard to very hard. More information is available from Essex and Suffolk Water.
99.93% of samples tested in 2003 complied with water quality regulations.

Customer Services
‘OurPromise’ offers customers a guarantee that certain standards of customer care will be met. This promises compensation if appointments are missed or if enquiries and complaints are not dealt with.
Complaints are promised to be replied to within 10 working days.

Special Services:
Computerised register so special services can be provided to customers with special needs.
Home visits available.
Minicom line and specially trained staff to aid customers with hearing difficulties.
Bills available in large print, Braille and can be read over the phone.
Information can be provided in alternative languages.

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