Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

Water operators Contact Details

Contact Details
1 Clevedon Walk
BS48 1WW

Contact Information
Main Switchboard0117 966 5881
Customer Care Plus0845 600 3600
Minicom0800 917 5901
Text Telephone0800 917 0737
Water Supply Queries0845 702 3797
Billing Queries0845 600 3600
Leave your meter reading0845 850 0018
Debit/ Credit card payment0845 600 1019
Leakline0800 801 011
General Information
Bristol Water supplies water to over 1 million customers, covering a 1000 square mile area. The company was originally founded on the 16th July 1846, operating under the name Bristol Waterworks Company. Today Bristol Water run 18 treatment works and have 140 covered reservoirs supplying on average 300 million litres of water per day, from 68 sources of water including 14 raw water reservoirs.

Bristol Water is a water only company.
Bristol Water is generally a hard water area, however this does vary between areas.
Bristol Water carried out tests on 46,817 samples taken in 2003 and 99.93% of these complied with the Regulations set by OFWAT.
Company Services
Bristol Water run a Customer Care Plus Service offering extra consideration for the elderly, the disabled or people with a particular need.

Once you have registered with Customer Care Plus then Bristol Water will act quickly to respond to your queries and quickly respond to those customers who require extra care.

If you, a carer, family member or friend would like to find out more or would like to register then call Bristol Water on 0845 600 3600 between 8 am and 6pm Monday to Friday or Minicom on 0845 605 6585.

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