Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

Water operators Contact Details

Scottish Water

Contact Details
Scottish Water
PO Box 8855
EH10 6YQ

Contact Information
Customer Service Helpline0845 601 8855
24 hour Emergency Helpline0845 600 8855
Special Assistance Helpline0845 601 8855
There is also an online Feedback Form and a ‘Call Me’ service for call back, letter or email on request.

General Information
Scottish Water was formed in 2002 after East, West and North of Scotland Water Authorities merged. They are now the only water and waste water services provider in Scotland, the 4th largest in the UK, covering a huge area of 79,000 square kilometres.

Scottish Water supplies approximately 5 million customers in 2.3 million households. 46,000 kilometres of water pipes and 39,000 kilometres of sewer pipes provide 2.3 billion litres of water and take away 1 billion litres of waste water every day. Water is treated at 1896 water treatment works including 1274 septic tanks, pumping stations, sludge treatment centres and reservoirs.

Water and Sewerage company supplying the whole of Scotland.
Over 800 water samples taken each day.
99.44% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 complied with regulations.

Business Stream
Under the Water Services Act (Scotland) 2005 Scottish Water had to split its operation into wholesale (Scottish Water) and retail (Business Stream) units. Formerly known as Scottish Water Business Stream and ostensibly remaining a part of Scottish Water, Business Stream is a new business working completely independently of its parent company in order to ensure fair and transparent retail practice under the rules of the new deregulated marketplace for business customers. Its goal is to provide a first class service for business customers across Scotland.

Customer Services
Scottish Water are constantly working on improving levels of customer service across the country. They have a ‘Code of Practice’ which sets out the standards of service customers should expect.

This includes keeping to appointments, communicating interruptions to supply, handling enquiries and responding to queries and complaints. If standards are not met then compensation is offered.

Special Services:
Customers with special needs can have their name placed on the confidential Special Services register.
Information can be provided in large print, Braille and on audio cassette.
Textphone facilities (0845 603 8855) and Typetalk are available.
Access Line for speakers of another language (0845 606 8855).
Password system to prevent against bogus callers for home visits.

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