Useful telephone numbers in England

Useful telephone numbers In England

Water operators Contact Details

Veolia Water Southeast

Contact Details
Veolia Water Southeast Ltd (formerly Folkestone & Dover Water Services)
The Cherry Garden
Cherry Garden Lane
CT19 4QB

Contact Information
General Enquiries0845 888 5 888
Fax0130 3726 172
Account Queries0845 888 5 888
Emergencies0845 888 5 888
WebsiteVeolia Water Southeast

General Information
The Folkestone Waterworks Company was formed in June 1848 and merged in 1953 with The Littlestone Undertaking and in 1970 with The Dover, Hythe & Sandgate Undertakings. Then in March 1989 General Utilities, which is now called Veolia Water, became the majority shareholder and in June 1992 the name was changed to Folkestone and Dover Water Services. In July 2009 the name was changed to Veolia Water Southeast Limited.

Veolia Water Southeast, Veolia Water Central (formerly Three Valleys Water) and Veolia Water East (formerly Tendring Hundred Water provide 900 million litres of water per day to a population of 3.2 million.

Veolia Water Southeast is a water only company and does not deal with the removal of sewerage.
Generally the Dover and Folkestone areas are hard water.
Veolia Water Southeast carried out 7,672 water ample tests and 99.92% complied with the Regulations set by OFWAT.

Customer Services
Veolia Water Southeast are prepared to offer compensation to their customers if the service they receive fails to meet a guaranteed standard in the following areas:

‘OurPromise’ offers customers a guarantee that certain standards of customer care will be met. This promises compensation if appointments are missed or if enquiries and complaints are not dealt with.
Complaints are promised to be replied to within 10 working days.

Special Services:
Answering bill queries and complaints
Interruptions to your supply
Changes in your water pressure
Automatic payments
Penalty payments
The amount of compensation offered varies and you should contact customer services on 0845 888 5 888 to discuss.

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