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English language(EFL)

Course PricesTuition fees for English Language programmes must be paid in full before the start of the course.
English Language Courses for International Students
Course Course Length Start Date
"English 21" Variable September - August
"English 25" Variable September - August
Course Dates and Fees
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Timetable: an example week "English 21"
  09.30-10.30 11.00-12.30 13.30-15.30
Monday General English Language lab Academic English
Tuesday General English Vocabulary Academic English
Wednesday General English British Life and Culture  
Thursday Communication skills Workshop Academic English
Friday General English General English  
English Courses (EFL)
Language courses at Newcastle College are excellent preparation for A Levels, the International Foundation Programme (IFP) and all our other courses including our Honours Degrees. Most students prepare for the IELTS examination.
English Language (EFL) - What will you study?
You will study 15 (for EU students only), 21 or 25 hours each week all year round.
Which level should you study?
Elementary (A2)*
For students who have a little knowledge of English or who have studied in the past and have either forgotten what they have learned or lost confidence.
Pre-intermediate (B1)*
For students who have a basic knowledge of English and can express themselves in easy everyday situations.
Intermediate (B2)
For students who have reached quite a good level of competence and can express themselves with confidence in English in most everyday situations.
Upper-intermediate (C1)
For students who can use quite difficult language in most everyday situations.
Advanced (C2)
For students with very good language skills.
*Please note that UK Border Agency (UKBA) visa regulation may affect the level at which you are allowed to study. Please see the UKBA website for more information.
Quality & inspection
Our EFL department is inspected and accredited by the British Council and English UK.
Our students.
At Newcastle College we have been teaching English to international students for over 25 years. We have a large number of students from over 40 countries.
Our teachers.
As a government funded college, Newcastle College is highly committed to providing quality education. Our teachers are well qualified, and use a wide range of EFL resources.
IELTS preparation for university
This is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This exam assesses your English and indicates your readiness to follow an academic, training or professional programme.
For example international students wishing to enter university can use this certificate to show their level of English.
Course Dates and Fees
English Language courses at Newcastle College are flexible with many start dates. The IELTS test fee is included in the course fee for International students (minimum 3 months study) on set dates. IELTS Exams are held in August, December, May, June and July. EU students will be charged for their IELTS exam (currently £105).  If you want to take an IELTS test at other times, you must organise and pay for this yourself.

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